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Butyl Rubber is a very good general purpose rubber used for many applications and is a high strength rubber material, known for its excellent resistance to oils and high vapor chemicals. The most unique characteristic of Butyl rubber is that its permeability to air is 70% better than that of most other rubber materials and for this reason the ...

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Butyl Rubber Lining- Butyl rubber has excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures. These rubber linings are also very durable due to the inherent low vapor permeability. Butyl rubber linings are, therefore, good for use in vessels, pipes for acid plants, FGD, hypochloride storage and transport. ...

Rubber Lined Piping: A solution to corrosion resistance

Jul 12, 2017· Introduction to Rubber Lined Piping: Corrosion is a menace in operating and maintaining a Chemical Process Plant. Hence given a choice one would be tempted to dispense away with Steel all together as a material of construction for piping used in a Chemical Plant.

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Rubber lined pipe is only as reliable as the installation, we've been rubber lining pipe for a long time. Abtrex Industries is the leader in corrosion and abrasion resistant pipe lining. We love putting our expertise to work, and our memberships and certifications (listed to the right), are indicators of our continued commitment to quality.

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Butyl Rubber. The original geomembrane liner suitable for water, water soluble chemicals and most acids and alkalis due to its elasticity. It is ideal where movement or settlement may occur, for confined space applications or for low temperature use (-30C).

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Choosing Between Butyl and EPDM Rubber Pond Liners. Rubber pond liners are one of the easiest and cheapest way to build a reliable, high quality pond. They are flexible, tough and built to last many years when installed under the ground.

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Standard Rubber is a premier supplier and manufacturer of rubber products in the Middle East. We were established in 1996 and supply our customers out of our well equipped facilities in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah and Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Dubai.

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Butyline Lining Rubber is a black, premium grade, flexible 50 Duro corrosion resistant Bromo butyl rubber sheet which has high temperature resistance and chemical resistance to acids and alkalis. It has moderate abrasion resistance and low fluid and gas permeability.

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Saunders® Butyl, Isobutylene Isoprene, rubber lining, couples excellent corrosion, abrasion and permeation resistant properties. It is additionally suitable for …

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Linatex® is a 95% natural rubber that exhibits outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. With over 80 years of experience in handling aggressive materials, Linatex® is still ranked as the premium wear-resistant rubber for sliding or wet abrasion service.

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Butyl Rubber (IIR) Butyl rubber, a blend of isoprene and isobutylene copolymers, is along with Nitrile and neoprene, one of the oldest synthetic rubber lining products. The large scale production of butyl rubber began in 1943. Typically, the rubber exhibits a high …

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Butyl rubber is an elastomeric polymer used widely in adhesives and sealants, both as primary binders and as tackifiers and modifiers. Butyl rubber is a copolymer of isobutylene with a small amount of isoprene. [19] These materials have relatively low strength and tend to exhibit creep under load.

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The first major application of butyl rubber was tire inner tubes and is used in lining tubeless tires. Butyl rubber is a good general purpose rubber for low gas and moisture permeability, resistance to ozone, weather, abrasion, tear, flexing, heat aging, and chemical attack. Butyl rubber also has good electrical insulation performance and high ...

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In fact, halogenated butyl rubbers are the most widely used butyl rubbers for tire inner liners. Halobutyl rubbers are also used for hoses, seals, membranes, tank linings, conveyor belts, protective clothing and for consumer products, such as ball bladders for sporting goods.

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Butyl Rubber Sheet has excellent di-electric properties and low permeability to air makes it versatility for many electrical applications. Our Butyl Rubber Sheets are used extensively for general engineering applications like gaskets, grommets and tank lining, seals and packaging.

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Butyl rubber lining products are most popular in Eastern Europe, South America, and Domestic Market. Get Price. ARMY RESEARCH LABORATORY wmmmmmmmmmmmm . Butyl rubber is among the most widely used commercially available synthetic elastomers in use today. The consumption of the various grades of butyl rubber is estimated to be over 500,000 tons.

How effective is Butyl rubber pond liner versus Epalyn?

May 18, 2016· Butyl offers the same advantages as Epalyn (EPDM) pond liners and really does depend on choice as both synthetic rubber liners offer the best technical specifications which include longevity, durability with low risk of damage during their lifetime (provided they are placed above a protective underlay liner and aren't exposed to sharp objects or constant contact by animal claws), ease of ...

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Our butyl rubber tank linings set the standard by which all linings are judged Available in standard irrigation or potable WRC drinking water quality grades and in a variety of thicknesses, our butyl rubber linings are so resistant to high-temperature variations, abrasion and UV light, that they outlast every other type of lining.

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Natural and butyl rubber linings withstand a variety of high-concentration acids and are the optimum choice for high heat and abrasive environments. Additionally, the elasticity of a rubber lining easily accommodates thermal expansion and contraction as well as vibration. The major benefit of a rubber lining is simply its thickness.

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Rubber tank membranes can be made to measure, supplied in one piece and safely rolled out and retrofitted in the confined space of an existing tank. Butyl is an ideal material for lining water storage tanks. Durable and tough, the material can be delivered to site without damage. Larger liners can be manufactured in sections and site vulcanized ...

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Rubber Lined Tanks & Vessels are generally meant to store compressed as well as liquid gases apart from acids and corrosive chemicals. Rubber lined tanks suppliers ensure that these products, including vessels are having rubber linings that prevent them from corrosion by having high resistance against corrosive and abrasive fluids as well as they do possess anti-vibration features.

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Welcome to our Rubber Chemical Resistance Chart. Here is the rubber compatibility chart that rates all popular rubber materials that comes into contact with various chemicals. Use this rubber chemical resistance chart to make sure that the elastomer or O-ring seal you choose will be compatible with the particular environment.

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EPDM rubber, while offering the same high quality and resistances as Butyl rubber, is a popular budget friendly alternative that has a shorter expected working lifetime. Our flat sheet Butyl rubber pond liner carries a 20 year guarantee and has an expected working lifetime of around 50 years.

CORROSION PROTECTION Rubber Lining and Coating Systems

that the rubber lining/coating recommended will provide your installation with the most efficient and long-lasting corrosion protection. Five different product lines fulfil a wide range of requirements: CHEMOLINE Soft rubber lining systems Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with aggressive media with a high solids content. For all soft

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EPDM rubber, while offering the same high quality and resistances as Butyl rubber, is a popular budget friendly alternative that has a shorter expected working lifetime. Our flat sheet Butyl rubber pond liner carries a 20 year guarantee and has an expected working lifetime of around 50 years.

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Goodwest has been rubber lining tanks for more than 50 years. Rubber linings are a premium form of corrosion protection for some of the most severe chemical and abrasive environments. Natural and butyl rubber linings withstand a variety of high-concentration acids and are the optimum choice for high heat and abrasive environments.


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We specilize in rubber lining of pipes and fittings. However, we also deal with tanks of any size, pulleys which we can diamond lag, Launders, Distribution Tanks, Valves, Shafts, Blades and any other product that you may need rubber lined.

Material Used for Rubber Lining of Piping System

Rubber linings are mainly used for protection against corrosion and/or erosion damage.. A wide range of rubbers and elastomers are available for lining vessels, tanks and piping. Rubbers can also be made with anti-static properties to give a low surface electrical resistance.

Chlorobutyl vs Bromobutyl Linings

Crislip TM black, soft, chlorobutyl top half, natural rubber bottom half lining for general purpose chemical services including concentrated bleach and HCl. With tie gum. Exhaust steam or pressure cure.