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Radius of Hollow or Hollow Grind for Ice Hockey Skates

Radius of Hollow or Hollow Grind. When skates are sharpened, they are hollow ground creating a concave surface with two distinct edges. The edges give the skater the ability to control the skates for turning, stopping, and starting. This hollow grind makes it easier for the edges to bite into the ice.

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Apr 29, 2009· So my question is to the makers who practice hollow grinding instead of doing the calculations :jerkit: like I do . Do you only use relatively thick stock - 3/16" or even 1/4" when you hollow grind or the edge is not the thinnest part on your knives? Is 1/8" stock non practical at all for hollow grinding unless it's a really small knife?--

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May 18, 2007· Keep the edge and the heel of the hollow grind on the stone and you have very little metal to remove. You can hone quite a few times before the hollow is gone and grinding is necessary. Sharpening should not require spending big money.

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Dec 20, 2006· Hollow grinding and "scary sharp" aren't mutually exclusive. The hollow grind means less steel to sharpen, and it's a little easier to hold at a proper angle without a sharpening guide. Try sharpening two chisels, one with and one without a hollow grind, and see which you prefer.

Hollow Edge or Regular Chef's Knife? | ChefTalk

Jul 25, 2016· Hollow ground knives are almost impossible to sharpen at home and must be done professionally. Graton edges (hollow oblong indents) tend to accomplish the task of a true hollow ground AND the knife keeps the edge longer. A true hollow ground edge does not stay sharp as long as the exact same knife with a v-edge because of the smaller angle.

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What does 'hollow grind' mean in the context of knife blades?

It is basically what it sounds like. A flat grind is what you typically see in knives, and is my personal favorite way to make them since it allows for easy sharpening. It's simply making a flat secondary edge (bevel), giving it a very simple look...

Question about Bench Grinder wheels for hollow grinding ...

Jun 23, 2011· A stone wheel suffers from a diminishing diameter with use. Not a big issue from knife to knife, but after rough grinding, you then need to reface the wheel to get square corners for a good plunge, now the diameter is smaller and you basically have to regrind the whole knife to get a proper hollow.

hollow vs flat grinding thoughts - Tormek

Apr 13, 2015· This is the obvious hollow grind. I would suggest a third category. This is the mild hollow grind of a larger grinding wheel. The spiritual ancestor of this group is the large, hand turned wet grinding wheel. By definition and Mr. Euclid of Alexandria, this kind of grinder also produces a hollow grind.

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Mar 11, 2012· Hollow grind questions The Newbies Arena. The Knife Network Forums : Knife Making Discussions > Custom Knife Discussion Boards > Knife Making Discussions > The Newbies Arena > Custom Knife Discussion Boards > Knife Making Discussions > The Newbies Arena

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Hollow grind. What it is: A hollow grind features symmetric, concave surfaces ending in a thin, extremely sharp edge. A hollow grind doesn't produce a very strong edge, and therefore generally isn't suitable for sustained use on hard or fibrous materials.

Hollow grind. Mini Hunter. - YouTube

Jun 14, 2019· Blade length 95 mm. Hollow grind on 450 mm contact wheel. N 690 Steel with Cryogenic heat treatment. Ironwood handle. Knife is sold. If you have any question...

Thoughts on hollow grind and bushcraft? | Bushcraft USA Forums

Mar 12, 2015· The hollow grind has less behind the edge. I have seen some with a thicker grind that had a secondary bevel which would help with that issue. It all depends on how hard you want to use it. I'm not a fan of the hollow grind for bush craft, but there's several others here with my knowledge and experience that might find it to be an except able grind.

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Nov 01, 2013· Hi everybody. Ive only flat ground my blades so far, but i want to start hollow grinding some straight razors. During my forging process i forge all bevels in and clean them with a flatter before i start rough grinding. My question is, do i need to forge in an edge bevel for hollow grinding or do...

Hollow grinding with a file? - Beginners Place ...

Feb 10, 2009· First of all Id like to say hi to all the members, Ive been reading alot of the forums, but have never posted before. I know its probably a dumb question, but Im new to making knives and I was wondering if Id be able to do a hollow grind with a file, and if so suggestions on how Id go about it an...

How Do You Hollow Grind - by davidroberts @ LumberJocks ...

May 04, 2009· After grinding, get a wheeled jig and create a microbevel on your your chisels, or blades, using either a med or fine stone or a piece of 220 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Set the jig to hold the blade in a position that causes both the front and back edge of the hollow grind to make contact and give it enough strokes to creat the mico bevel.

Do You Know Your Blade Grinds and Profiles? | RECOIL OFFGRID

Hollow Grind. Emerging in the 19th century as a grind to use on a straight razor, the hollow-ground blade gained popularity in the hunting and sporting community in the late 1950s. It has a distinctive concave grind to the edge, so that both sides of the knife have a bevel that bows inward until they meet in a thin, sharp edge.

A Simple Hollow Grinding Jig - Instructables

A Simple Hollow Grinding Jig: This is a jig I threw together from things in my shop that makes it easy to create hollow-ground knife bevels. I would have made an instructable out of it, but I don't have any pictures of the process and it's pretty easy to see how the thing goes...

What is a Hollow Ground Blade? (with pictures)

Dec 19, 2019· A hollow ground blade is a knife blade that has been ground down to create a characteristic concave, beveled edge along the cutting edge of the knife. This effect is accomplished by starting the grind below the midpoint of the knife, creating a small wedge with concave sides that is extremely sharp and very easy to care for.

Flat grind or hollow grind? | Bushcraft USA Forums

Nov 17, 2013· I'd like to try a proper hollow grind, I've heard that a hollow grind should cut better from many sources, but my experience hasn't lead me to the same conclusion. I'd never considered that the quality of the hollow grind may be the reason for flat grinds beating a hollow grind.

Sharpening a Hollow Ground Knife

Sharpening a Hollow Ground Knife. Whether you call it a hollow ground or a hollow grind, you can sharpen these knives with ease. A hollow grind is produced when you …

hollow grinding revisited - Tormek

Jul 05, 2017· General Tormek Questions (Moderator: Ken S) » ... This produces a hollow grind which is much less hollow than smaller diameter wheels. I do believe that much of today's thinking about hollow grinding is leftover from the small diameter dry grinding days decades ago. It does not reflect larger diameter Tormek grinding.

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Apr 05, 2010· Knife making at the Dan-D shop (1828 Bowie) レンチからルータープレーンをる/Making a router plane from an allen wrench.

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Aug 13, 2008· Hollow grinding with tool rest ala -Eddie White The Newbies Arena Hollow grinding with tool rest ala -Eddie White - The Knife Network Forums : …

Full hollow grind or half hollow grind for a beginner ...

Jan 01, 2015· The reason I asked is that I read that a full hollow grind is more demanding of good technique where a half hollow grind isn't and since a beginner hasn't developed good technique yet a full hollow grind will punish you for your mistakes. But a beginner using a half hollow grind will be wishing for a full hollow grind after about a month.

Hollow Grinds and Hand Sanding - Fit and Finish ...

Jan 22, 2013· this is one of those things that is essentially no fun however you slice it, but if you use a sanding block with a slightly smaller radius than your contact wheel, then you can work at a slight angle to show up your previous scratches. a buffing wheel also really helps - personally i like to grind as cleanly as i can to 320x (you need a brand new belt at finer grits when hollow grinding), sand ...

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Aug 26, 2019· Hollow grinding question. Thread starter Michael Minto; Start date Apr 8, 2019; M. Michael Minto Guest. Apr 8, 2019 #1 I'm a flat grinder, but have an interest in doing some hollow grinding. Now, with flat grinds, it's east to use a file and sanding block on a blade to smooth out and polish up a knife. How do you folks, who hollow grind, do it?

Ice Skate Sharpening Questions Salem, New Hampshire

The other radius is the Radius of Hollow or simply "hollow grind". When the skates are sharpened, the blades are ground to produce a concave hollow in the center producing two distinct edges on the blade. The depth of the hollow grind is measured as the radius of a circle that is cut into the blade.

Why do hollow grinds still exist? | EDCForums

Aug 03, 2015· The hollow grind was an answer to a question in the early days of industrialization. How to take a thick stock and produce a thin edge as cheaply as possible. . IMHO... I will take a FFG or a zero grind over a hollow grind.