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Camshaft companies list in their catalog mostly B.B Chevrolet profile camgrinds for their Big Block Ford catalog listings simply because they haven't really designed and tested anything using a …

How the hell does regrinding a cam work? | The H.A.M.B.

Jul 29, 2015· Just to restate what others have said, lift and duration are increased by grinding away the "base circle" of the cam. The lobe doesn't have material added to it, but the non-lobe part is ground away making the difference between highest part of the lobe and the lowest part of the base circle a greater distance.

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All our camshafts are custom designed to fit your spacific engine parameters and application requirements. Just fill out the applicable "Cam recommendation" form, and we'll get back to you with our recommendation.

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Camlobe grinding is a complex variant of cylindrical grinding. When raw camshafts are manufactured—by casting in sand or shell molds (cast iron), forged or machined from barstock (steel)—roughly 0.02 to 0.12 in. of stock is generally available for grinding.

Using the Sherline CNC Cam Grinder

taken from your cam drawing and output the g-code needed to run the CNC stepper motors that control the rotation of the cam and the shape of the lobe. Keep in mind that this grinder can also be used for grinding small cams for other prototype applications besides model engines. The Sherline cam grinder was designed to be affordable and accurate.

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Texas Speed & Performance is a leader in LS and Gen 5 LT camshafts! All of our camshafts are ground in-house using our state-of-the-art Landis CNC camshaft grinders. Every shelf stock camshaft we offer is tested on our SuperFlow 902 engine dyno for guaranteed results! In-house cam grinding allows us to develop and test our camshafts in the same day, removing the …


DESIGN & MANUFACTURING OF CAMSHAFT INTRODUCTION CAM: A projection on a rotating part in machinery, designed to make sliding contact with another part while rotating and to impart reciprocal or variable motion to it.

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Mar 06, 2013· The Okuma GC-34NH CNC Cam Grinding Machine can perform the following grinding applications. * Masterless non-concentric cam grinding. * One chuck non-concentric and cylindrical profile grinding.

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Apr 19, 2004· I designed a cam with a wider lobe separation that moved the peak torque out to 5,000 rpm. ... cutting cam lobes with a 5-inch grinding wheel is much more time consuming than with a …

Camshaft Math to Design Competitive Performance Engines

Jan 24, 2015· Camshaft Math to Design Competitive Performance Engines January 24, 2015 by Muscle Car DiY Camshafts are a subject that all car guys love to talk about, and those who listen tend to roll their eyes at the staggering number of terms and numbers.

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Our unique "Parametric Profile" cam designs are part of our proprietary "Total Engine Design Equation" (The Brain Child of Indy-Winning Engine Designer Dick Jones). Our Custom cam designs have powered winners in almost every form of racing you can think of.

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The various camshaft grinds carry identifying designations such as: 3/4-race, full race, track grinds, etc. The process of designing, testing, and manufacturing a camshaft is time consuming and costly. To produce a high performance camshaft, the cam begins as a mathematical computation to which manufacturing tolerances are added.

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Nov 22, 2011· COMP Cams walks us through how to order a custom camshaft. Whether you're looking for custom hydraulic roller, street cam, race cam, or thumper cam - COMP can grind you a custom cam …

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Camcraft Cams is an innovative camshaft design and production company. Camcraft is a full service Camshaft grinder, offering new and reconditioned camshafts and related parts to engine rebuilders and racers throughout most of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Custom camshaft grinding using original, performance or racing profiles for your vintage/obsolete, foreign, or domestic applications. American Custom Cam also has years of experience with motorcycle cams, camshafts for atv, marine cams, and light industrial camshafts.

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The cam contour, having been propearly determined, is now ready for transposing from the blueprint to the master cam. The master cam is a solid piece of Swedish tool steel,containing the exact lobe configuration and angular displacement of the cam lobes of the product camshaft and is the heart of the cam grinding machine.

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So choosing the right Cam for the designed purpose of the car is of maximum priority. At Camtech Cams, we have over 30 years of recommending cams and have backed our knowledge and dyno results to deliver the right cam for the right job every time, giving you peace of mind.

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The cam profile which influences the performance of a camshaft is the most important element in a camshaft design. At JUN, the software only for cam profile designs is used, and the automatic design by the computer is performed. Kelford Cams Kelford make a massive range of performance camshafts for race and road use.

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The time to change from one cam lobe design to another and be back up and grinding is less than 10 minutes. Software Compensates for Burn. Another challenge that aftermarket camshaft manufacturers face is the potential for burn in the ramp areas--the area between the base circle and the nose of the camshaft.

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SURECAM PRECISION CAMSHAFTS. Sure Cam are the specialists in Performance Camshaft and Valvetrain components. With over 40 years international experience in race engine development, continual technical research assisted by advanced computer aided design software and backed with results on the dyno and victories on the racetrack.

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Understanding Camshafts. Camshaft Basics From the February, 2009 issue of Chevy High Performance By Bob Mehlhoff . It's Greek jargon, or street parlance to the rest of the world, but it often defines us. Whether we're talking about axle ratios, compression, carburetor size, timing, or e.t.'s, our hot-rod language sets us apart.

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Oregon Cam Grinding is located in Vancouver, Washington, near Portland, Oregon in the scenic Pacific Northwest. We provide camshaft grinding services as well as supplying new and reconditioned cams, including performance camshafts. As a manufacturer and distributor, we can meet your camshaft …

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Regrinding Services. Stop-action photo shows a camshaft being precision-ground on purpose-built, specially-designed grinding equipment at Oregon Cam Grinding. Oregon Cam Grinding specializes in grinding and remanufacturing camshafts for automotive and industrial uses. We also sell new cams and lifters for almost any engine.

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May 15, 2017· The master cam roller is then aligned to the next master cam. Wheel wear from cam to cam is avoided by turning the work table slightly. To learn more about cam grinding or other types of precision grinding machines, call Maximum Advantage-Carolinas. Our Fort Mill, SC office serves clients worldwide by providing the very best grinding equipment ...

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The method permits the cam blank to be hardened before grinding to shape; Depending on the design of the machine, precise phasing of the cam lobes on a one-piece shaft is simplified compared to other methods. Several designs for cam grinding machines have appeared in model engineering magazines (see References). In many cases, the machines have ...

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Cam shaft profiles can be read to .0001° of lift and .1° degree of rotation. This same equipment is used extensively to verify quality control of all Demos Cams finished products! Every Demos Cams hand ground cam offers better timing and better performance with break-in …

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Hertz stress as a function of the design parameters. LUBRICATION OF THE CAM AND TAPPET INTERFACE The cam profile and the cam tappet interface are normally produced by grinding the surfaces. Typically, a simple grinding operation will produce the surface finish that is measured at 0.25 micron as a centre-line-average (CLA). This is the average

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Introduction. In this text, I will try to show how I made the camshaft for the Peewee V4 in-line four-stroke engine designed by Bob Shores. I saw this method for the first time when "Uncle" Dale Detrich showed me how to make lobes and solder them to a common shaft.

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The modular system, for the variable settings of the camshaft grinders, includes different sizes of grinding spindles, post- and in-process measuring devices, dressing attachments for CBN and corundum wheels, touch-recognition during grinding and dressing, workholding units and chucks of different sizes.

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of Gripping Diameters for Crankshaft Grinding & More Features Narrow Retractable Arms for Increased Grind Envelope Accessibility Designed to Accomodate the Maximum Eccentric Throw and Journal Diameter of Crank Shafts Ideal for Automated Grinding Applications such as Cylindrical Grinding, Camshaft Grinding and Camlobe Grinding GRINDING STEADY RESTS