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Dustless metal blasting | The H.A.M.B.

Sep 25, 2013· OK, just to stop the speculation about any problems associated with Wet Abrasive Blasting, aka, "Dustless Blasting". I received my new unit from a company in Canada several weeks ago, after being given the run around for 3 months by MMLJ, the Dustless Blasting guys in Texas.

Dustless Blasting: The review | Vintage Mustang Forums

Dec 01, 2015· I've run into a lot of people that think the dustless means no cleanup, thats not true, just keeps the media confined to a smaller area around the blasting area. We use a variety of media, crushed glass (several sizes), sand, and sugar sand, depending on what we are blasting and what finish the customer wants.

Can the Dustless Blaster remove FIBERGLASS and ALUMINUM ...

Aug 26, 2016· In this video, we remove paint from part of a fiberglass vehicle, and we hear what Charlie, Mitchell, and Brandon think about the Dustless Blaster! Dustless Blasting is …

Dustless blasting | Page 3 | NastyZ28.com

Apr 30, 2019· I have been media blasting for 33 years and I have a Dustless Blasting rig and of course a dry blasting pot. Doing my old cars and motorcycles got me into this at the age of 19 and I made a career out of it instead of remaining an engineer for PPG paint division after I came out of college.

Dustless Blasting Equipment - Sandblasting - Contractor Talk

Feb 19, 2016· Re: Dustless Blasting Equipment Jim, that is a good suggestion for a contractor that needs some wet functionality. Having used both a water collar and a true slurry blaster I can say that the blast experience at the nozzle between the two systems is pretty different.

Dustless paint removal | Page 4 | The H.A.M.B.

Apr 22, 2014· Just had 2 guys hand me a flyer on their new blasting business using this dustless system. They were totally stoked about its abilities. Said they went to Texas and witnessed it …

Dustless Blaster-Qingdao Joint Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Dustless Blasting DB225 Ideal for: Dustless Blasting DB225 holds up to 10 gallons of water and 100 lbs of abrasive which allows up to ~30 minutes of continuous blast time. This machine runs perfectly with a 185+ CFM air compressor. This machine is ideal for businesses with 1–4 hours of blasting per week.

Dustless Blasting - Mopar Flathead Truck Forum - P15-D24 ...

Aug 26, 2014· So, I have been using crushed glass and my Brut 99H blaster (running my compressor half to death), blasting the frame, suspension, running boards, floor boards, the entire front end, doors and all sorts of small stuff while putting off doing the cab and the bed - it is just so damn hot (been hitt...

Dear Dustless Blaster - Sandblasting - Contractor Talk

Oct 18, 2017· A dry blast pot, water injection nozzle, and decent used compressor would give you a dustless rig for about $15 - 20 which is significantly less than the done for you rigs. Although done for you rigs are a bit more efficient at reducing dust. This guide further covers things to consider before opening a dustless blasting business.

Dustless blasting | Chevy Nova Forum

Feb 24, 2014· He does powder coating and conventional sand blasting and is hoping to expand the business with this machine. It will strip body panels without warping because the water keeps things cool. The main reason he got it was the dustless blasting and the lack of a collector. I will keep you posted after he is up and operational.

Can the Dustless Blaster remove FIBERGLASS and ALUMINUM ...

Aug 26, 2016· In this video, we remove paint from part of a fiberglass vehicle, and we hear what Charlie, Mitchell, and Brandon think about the Dustless Blaster! Dustless Blasting is an incredible paint removal ...

dustless blasting... | Maverick/Comet Forums

Feb 16, 2018· I had a lot of the parts for my car done with the dustless blasting. It worked great. I did the hood, upper bumper filler, lower front rocker panel and both front fenders. It took a total of 1 1/2 hours do strip it all to the bare metal. There was a preservative of some type in the solution that kept the metal from starting to rust.

Dustless Blasting | Sailboat Owners Forums

Feb 20, 2019· Has anyone ever used Dustless Blasting on there sailboat and were you happy. I am thinking of switching from ablative bottom paint to a hard bottom paint and my 2007 H-36 hull is in very great shape so don't want to damage the gel coat.

Dustless Blasting? - 348-409.com Info Exchange Forum

May 05, 2014· I don't know about dustless blasting, but the following blasting media don't create as much heat as sand and warp metal either: Soda Plastic Walnut shells The sand blasting I had done on my frame this past fall was 240, which works out to 80/hr. I just had a price quote from someone near Denver, not sure their blast media:

dustless blasting | BMW E9 Coupe Discussion Forum

Oct 06, 2017· I think it is a way for companies to do blasting work without the investing in a shop and large booth with dust collection. I don't see any real advantage over standard blasting. Perhaps keeping the sheet metal cool. You still get media everywhere in the car, but you have to wait for the solution to dry before you can get it out.

Dustless blasting | Page 2 | NastyZ28.com

Jan 30, 2019· My old man built a dustless blasting rig. I'm not sure how you'd screw up sheet metal. You can't warp it cause the temp is actually a few degrees colder than ambient. The thing is a BEAST. You can crank it up to take off powdercoat and even chrome. But it does make a huge mess. That's the worst part. It leaves a slush that's tough to rinse out ...

Dustless blasting | The De Tomaso Forums

I think the dustless blasting you refer to is generally called Vapour blasting or water/glass beading. Done in a cabinet like for media blasting, however has a water pump pumping a solution of glass beads that suspended in water to blast the surface to renew the outer metal. It takes virtually no metal and leaves the surface as original.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Dustless Blasting Business

Dustless Blasting is a form of wet abrasive blasting that efficiently removes paint, corrosion, and coatings from a variety of surfaces including metal, brick, and wood. Unlimited Revenue Potential. Dustless Blasting equipment owners have a distinct competitive advantage from the start.

dustless blasting | Southern Polyurethanes Forum

Jun 13, 2013· ha that media they dumped in there was from new age. same company i get it from here. i didn't see pricing but if it is $4000 then thats about average across the board for a good blast pot. it also looked like they painted that car with like one thin coat of duplicator or something like that. don't think for a minute that it will blast your average car like that.

Dustless Blasting - Discussion Forums

Nov 12, 2017· I happen to own a Mobile Dustless Media Blasting business in Georgia. I can offer advice on dustless blasting (good and bad). i can try to address some of the issues on this thread. First of all, blasting with crushed glass and water is a very effective way of removing paint.

Blast Journal - Forum: Vapor/Wet/Dustless - Abrasive Blasting

News, articles and resources for wet abrasive blasters. RECENT. Choosing the right nozzle. Bid on a project and profit. Dustless blasting is a myth

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Dustless Blasting - 5711 Schurmier Rd, Houston, Texas 77048 - Rated 4.5 based on 271 Reviews "The response and service is horrible. We bought a DB800 and...

Dustless Media Blasting | Vintage Mustang Forums

Mar 20, 2018· I wouldn't hesitate to use the dustless blasting process on heavy steel like frame rails, floor pans, and engine bay. In fact, I plan to use a cheap pressure washer blasting adapter with sand or garnet media to do the underside of my car. After the underside, floors, and firewall are clean, I'll stick to power tools, abrasives, and elbow

Dustless Blasting or Sand Blasting - forums.aaca.org

Jan 19, 2016· The dustless blasting guy uses crushed glass infused with a chemical that slows oxidation. The sand blasting guy uses only silicone sand and guarantees no warping. I've watched youtube videos of the dustless blasting and it looks interesting, but it seems like they're focused on paint removal and not so much on rust removal.

Dustless Blasting® - The Future of Surface Preparation®

Dustless Blasting® The Future of Surface Preparation begins with the world's #1 tool for restoration. Dustless Blasting® continues to pave the way for the refinishing industry and set new standards for efficiency and power.

Dustless Blasting? | General car talk | Page 2 | 348-409 ...

Sep 22, 2015· I happen to own a Dustless Blasting company in Georgia. I have blasted many cars and boats along with an assortment of other metal parts. Most of those blasting with water are using crushed Glass as their media. They should mix a rust inhibitor with the …

Dustless Blasting and Bottom Paint-gctid801454 - BAYLINER ...

I may well have the bottom on my 3870 water/abrasive (nut shells) blasted this spring, it leaves the bottom down to just gel coat. Quoted $600 for my 3870, has not had a bare gel coat bottom for 14 years.

Dustless Blasting - Thoughts/Reviews? - The FORDification ...

Jan 28, 2016· I paid $300 a guy to come to my house and dustless blast both sides of my hood, fenders, and doors. Worked every bit as good as regular sand blasting. He rinsed the pieces afterwards and claimed to add some sort of rust inhibitor to the rinse. The pieces did not flash rust.

How Much Does Dustless Blasting Cost? | HowMuchIsIt.org

Aug 09, 2018· Dustless blasting is a type of sandblasting which, as the name implies, is a clean and efficient form of blasting any surface without the dust. A dustless blaster will work by mixing water and abrasive inside of a blast tank.

Dustless blasting? - Pelican Parts Forums

Dustless blasting is promoted as the latest miracle cure. But the "dustless" part of it is just a convenience for the operator, allowing a guy to offer a mobile service. Adding water to the process is good for business, but bad for the metal being blasted. I watched for a little while when the guy was working on my panels.