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An industry leader, Graphite Machining has the unique ability to meet your carbon and graphite needs from raw materials through purification and precision machined parts. With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in the machining of graphite, carbon and graphite composites.

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Larger grained graphite is used for machining in roughing modes while fine grain graphites produce the best surface finishes for finishing operations. As graphite has become more affordable, EDM machining shops will often inventory two or even three types or grades of graphite.

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V33i Graphite Graphite Machining. Makino's V33i vertical machining center is the ultimate formula for success in hardmilling extremely accurate dies and moulds out of extremely hard materials. ... Integrated construction of the spindle and drive motor rotor reduces vibration during high-speed operation. In addition, optimum axis layout and ...


same milling program is graphite milled on a milling machine Mikron Mill S400 dry, on another Mikron Mill S400 wet, also together with cooling emulsion. The milling is done on both machines with SEAGULL tools. The milling tools are measured before and after the experiment on a high-precision laser surveying system for concentricity and diameter.

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Graphite Milling Machine Capability. Hoffmann approached Makino because he liked the hardmilling capabilities of the S56. He was concerned, however, that the S56 wouldn't support Lunar's graphite milling needs and assumed he'd have to purchase an additional machine to handle the graphite work.

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Graphite and carbon are generally machined dry without using Cutting fluids (coolants).If coolants are used in some machining operations (grinding, honing, polishing) the workpiece should be dried at 300-400°F (150-200°C) to remove liquids absorbed by the material.

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General carbon graphite material's production process: Graphite can be machined wet or dry with ordinary machine tools but is normally machined dry in order to maintain its purity. It is best to avoid the dry and wet machining conversion operations on the same machine. Dust extraction

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Machining: Poco Graphite maintains machining facilities for Graphite and Silicon Carbide machining operations in a 50,000 square foot facility. Machining capabilities include: 3, 4, and 5 axis milling; high speed machining; multispindle milling and drilling; turning; …

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The machine's 30,000-rpm, HSK-E50 spindle is designed with a high-tech spindle core and jacket cooling system to tightly control thermal growth, deflection and vibration during high-speed machining operations. As a result, the D200Z extends tool life and has exceptional surface finishes even in applications requiring fine tool blends and matches.

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Feb 01, 2008· This machining system is ideal for machining materials such as graphite, glass-fiber composites, ceramics or any abrasive material. Tool Length Measurement Another feature to look for on an advanced machine—which is beneficial in the milling of graphite—is tool length measurement that can compensate for tool wear.

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machining shows noticeable wear on the cutting edge. Thus consistent with the cutting forces measured, the resulting tool wear clearly shows the greater severity and difficulty in machining compacted graphite iron relative to standard gray cast iron. The manganese sulfide inclusions formed during machining gray cast iron are known to

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The HC series hybrid vertical milling machines combine industry-leading graphite milling with hard milling capabilities. The result is an accurate, fast, reliable and most of all, versatile, vertical milling machine. ... Get the highest precision and productivity for graphite and hard milling with the HC-548EX.

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in opposed milling operations. Finishing parameters should be used for these operations. Tool wear in graphite milling operations can be reduced sub- stantially but special program-ming strategies need to be adopted. Unlike metal machining, no universal cutting parameters can be specified for the machining of graphite. This is because the se-

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Sep 01, 2000· High-Performance Graphite Electrode Machining . Today, it is popular to talk of eliminating electrodes for hard die milling. ... for example, the machining of the buttonholes should be handled as a distinct operation from machining of the overarching surface of the phone. If the entire phone is machined with a monolithic toolpath, the machine ...

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Jan 05, 2011· Makino Graphite Machining center producing a die cast die valve body. Technology from 3 generations ago compared to a 2011 Makino F5, but look at the speed when this technology gets into the ...

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The abrasive nature of EDM graphite grades severely limit the life of carbide tools, and PCD diamond tools are not available in the configurations required for detailed moldmaking. Tools with diamond on the surface wear longer and have a lower coefficient of friction. These characteristics provide substantial benefit to machining operations.

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Jan 26, 2017· However, graphite machining is performed dry, whereas steel machining typically is performed using coolant. "The idea of using flood coolant is attractive for the milling of graphite electrodes, because it would cut down substantially on the amount of graphite dust that is produced, but the reality is that this is not practical," said Pfluger.

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Graphite Machining, Inc. (GMI) is one of the major graphite machining companies in North America. We offer high quality, precision machining of Graphite, Carbon and Graphite Composites. GMI has extensive experience in a wide variety of applications. We can handle your requirements from drawings to finished parts to custom packaging and shipping.

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benefit to the machining operation of graphite products, mold manufacturers are actively designing a variety of PCD tools for graphite cutting aiming at longer tool life, increased productivity, and better part dimensional accuracy and consistency [7-9]. The test results differ significantly. In some applications the PCD tools last 30,000 cycles

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Apr 01, 2009· Capable of milling, drilling and engraving the DATRON CNC Mill is ideal for milling graphite electrodes and parts like the one shown in this video, as well as …

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Jan 15, 2002· "The tool path for machining electrodes is downloaded directly from engineering. Now the operator has time during the machining cycle to perform other tasks. We have much more unattended machining time available with our high speed graphite milling operation." High speed machining techniques are also applied to core and cavity production.

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High-speed direct hard milling is possible through dry or (optional semi-dry oil-mist systems) Fanuc 31i-B5 Control provides AI Contour Control II, High-Speed processing, Nano smoothing and Look ahead block expansion. Super PC III Function (3 Mode Operation) "Machining Condition Selection". It allows a range of 1-3 for speed/accuracy settings.

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Specialist graphite machinists. We've been precision machining graphite parts since 2004, in addition, many of our staff have been machining graphite since the 1980s, thus we have years of technical expertise on-hand when it comes to these skilled and intricate operations.

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Since 1973, Graphite Machining has offered quality machined graphite parts, graphite products and carbon graphite. What sets Graphite Machining apart from the competition is the combination of our highly trained employees, prompt response and easy accessibility to our state-of-the-art facilities.


CHAPTER 10: ELECTRODE FABRICATION CONVENTIONAL MACHINING. Graphite can be machined with standard machine shop equipment. It is important to make provisions to control the dust created by the machining operation. There are a number of efficient dust control systems available and the method used may depend on the size and type of machining that ...

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Graphite Machining Horizontal Machining Milling Mold & Die Multitasking Precision Production Turning Rifling Robotics Skiving & Burnishing Turning Ultrasonic Industry Aerospace Agriculture Automotive Construction & Mining Energy High Volume Production Job Shop Medical Military & Defense / Firearms

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Graphite Machining. IQS Directory is a top industrial directory listing of leading graphite machining companies and suppliers in Ohio. Access our comprehensive index to review and source graphite machining companies with preview ads and detailed product descriptions.


Cutting graphite operation consumes much less energy and generates much less heat than in cutting metals. General guidelines for machining graphite and carbon Milling graphite and carbon Turning graphite and carbon Drilling graphite and carbon Sawing graphite and carbon Grinding graphite and carbon Surface finishing graphite and carbon

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From saw cut plates at nominal tolerance to the most complex design demanding the strictest of tolerances, we can handle all your Graphite Machining requirements. Experienced machinists and programmers can program at the machine centers for versatility in operations. Size Capacities. CNC Milling: Z = 70", Y = 125", X = 157"

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We enjoy sharing with our clients and others in the industry how we run our graphite machining operation on our shop floor, what our employees thrive at outside of work, where we source our graphite material from, and how we perfect the graphite products we machine for our clients.